Bitcoin Generator HACK TOOL for ADD BTC – NO SURVEY – HOW

ILPT: How to hack someone

If you are thirsty for that $$$ I have another guide for you.
Few notes, always use a vpn, if you fuck up the feds come knocking down your door.
First, you need to realize that if you arent a LEET hacker, shit is going to cost you money.
After you are done with this guide you can steal EVERYTHING on a computer, keylog (google it if you dont know what that means) them. And use them for a mining botnetwork. That means free cryptocurrency for you!
First, make sure to buy or steal some bitcoin. If you check my profile submissions there is a guide on how to do that too.
Second, you need a VPN. Dont get those shitty VPNs Reddit recommends, you need a service made for hackers.
I recommend Rawvpn
Use it. And make a new email account while you have the VPN on.
When you have that set up, do a google for "hackforums RAT".
Rat stands for Remote Administration Tool.
These programs are used by companies to monitor their employees, but you can use it to monitor your targets, break into their computer, and steal information.
When you find the site, make an account and look for the marketplace in which they sell the RATS.
If you are a poorfag, get a free tool from the site. But dont be surprised if it works like shit. Paid RATs are much better. (I recommend using Orca because there are plenty of guides YT that helps you set it up)
No matter how legit it looks, its a trick to fuck you over.
After you got your RAT you can set it up.
Now is the moment you will realize shit is getting detected by your antivirus.
Thats fucked, but we can fool the antivirus.
Get a Crypter from the same site. These tools encrypt your hacking program you made earlier. Meaning that antivirus wont detect your program anymore. As extra benefit, you can hide your program inside video or photo files this way :)
When done encrypting, use a spare computer to test your RAT on. If it doesnt work, go back to the pc you used to build it on and try again, switch around some settings etc. Make sure to test it by using different wifi connections for each pc so you know it works even when its not on your local wifi.
At some point you will get it to work, and at that point you have a great hack tool.
Now you may wonder, how to even spread such a program.
The possibilities are endless. Download some youtube videos about cracked games, and reupload them with a link to the download, which is your RAT.
Go in chatrooms, post a few photos from random hot girls, and link your RAT as a "secret video". Just act stupid and act like "whoops didnt mean to upload a video". Watch the clicks come in.
When you ratted a few people, you can open hidden browser windows, and run the Coinhive miner to mine yourself monero on their pcs. More pcs, more money.
If you have any questions, drop them below.
I wont be online all the time, but once in awhile I check in here. Im too busy making $$$ hehe.
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