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Note: Use the TRUNC(OPT) only if you are sure the data being moved in the binary areas conforms to the PICTURE clause otherwise unpredictable results could occur. See TRUNC in the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS® Programming Guide for more information. CURRENCY-SIGN Specifies the currency sign to be recognized in the PICTURE clause. OOCTRL Enables you to change language options when compiling OO COBOL classes and interfaces. OPT USAGE BINARY or USAGE COMP-4 item is to be truncated to the size given by the item's PICTURE clause or to the maximum size the item can hold. COBOL - Data Layout - COBOL layout is the description of use of each field and the values present in it. If usage clause is specified on a group, then all the elementary items will have the same usage clause. The different options available with Usage clause are as follows − Data item is stored in binary format. Here, data items must Nume ric Field Definitions Lengths. The following table shows the COBOL picture clause, the number of digits, the length of a packed field, the length of a binary COMP field for an IBM Mainframe and the length of a binary field for the Linux, UNIX and Windows LUW environments running Micro Focus COBOL. Numeric-edited items. The PICTURE character-string can contain certain symbols. The symbols are: B P V Z 9 0 / , . + - CR DB * cs The combinations of symbols allowed are determined from the PICTURE clause symbol order allowed (see the figure in Symbols used in the PICTURE clause), and the editing rules (see PICTURE clause editing).. The following rules apply:

[index] [11981] [2991] [29170] [6495] [28319] [2524] [30393] [27653] [14993] [10184]

AWESOME FRACTAL - Magic Trading Binary Options Strategy

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